An Integrated Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory

A customized NDT ERP

We I Tech Advance Inspection Services, are continually introducing value-added services. One Such Services is Online Service. We have constructed a special Customized Software iNDT Lab Management System for NDT Testing.

The Key Benefits of our Customized Software:

Customer can View / Down Load Associated documents such as NDT reports, the All NDT information is available to authorized users 24/7 from any Internet browser, especially useful in emergency situations in the world.

  • View / Down Load Radiography Reports with Digital Film (JPEG/PDF/DICONDE Format)
  • View / Down Load Radiography Shooting Sketch
  • View / Down Load Dye Penetrant Testing Report with Photos
  • View / Down Load Magnetic Particle Testing Report with Photos
  • View / Down Load Ultrasonic Report with Photos

The Advantages of our Customized Software:

  • Rapid visibility & Reports – save time, money, personnel
  • It is the Facility the sharing the all information to our valued customers.
  • Faster, easier – evaluations & decisions
  • Data Share 24/7 any time any where in the world.
  • Online information at different PCs in different parts of world
  • Full traceability is integral to the system, with tamper-proof designing at each stage.